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The training and experience our pest control team has achieved, allows us to exterminate the pests quickly.

A+ Pest Control invests heavily in our team of exterminators by

  • Providing Pest Control Training That Exceeds NC's Minimum Requirements

  • Supplying The Most Advanced Tools And Equipment For Pest Extermination

  • Equipping Them With The Most Effective Pest Control Products

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Our Pest Control Services

By Expert Pest Control Pros

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control Mooresville NC

Are you dealing with a cockroach problem? Cockroaches can really wreak havoc in in your Mooresville home, contaminating your food, bothering family and guests. Call our professional cockroach exterminators today!

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control Mooresville NC

Did you know that rodent has zero bladder and bowel control? Rodents leave their refuse everywhere they go! Allowing a rodent to explore your home will contaminate everything in your home. The rodents need to go.

Ant Pest Control

Ant Pest Control Mooresville NC

Just when you think you have a handle on ants they just pop back up again... we get it. One of the reasons homeowners are not able to control ants is because store bought ant control products are not effective. Let us help!

Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control Mooresville NC

If you are not careful, termites will eat your home right out from underneath you, literally. A termite inspection will uncover a termite infestation, allowing you to take action and get your home treated for termites before its too late.

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The Best Pest Control Services In Mooresville, NC

Residential Pest Control Solutions In Mooresville

We Perform A Detailed Inspection of Your Mooresville Home

We conduct thorough inspections during initial and subsequent pest control services. Treating without inspection is ineffective and irresponsible. Modern pest control demands thoughtful approaches due to safer pesticide practices.

Targeted Pest Control Treatments

Effective pest control now relies on prescriptive treatments targeting specific pests. We utilize various products but prioritize non-pesticide methods to reduce pest populations around homes.

We Practice Integrated Pest Management

We will target a root cause of a pest infestations by limiting a pests access to;

  • food
  • water
  • and shelter

By making your home less appealing to pests and delivering targeted pest control treatments we are able to deliver superior results!

IPM Mooresville Pest Control Near Me

We Love Making Your Home A Pest Free Home!

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Our Extermination Programs

Exterminator Mooresville NC

Pest Protection All Year

We are committed to providing our Mooresville clients with a comprehensive pest protection program throughout the year that will keep the pests out. Our expert team of exterminators employ season-specific pest control strategies that ensure your property remains pest-free in every season. With our regular maintenance pest services and proactive prevention measures, maintain an effective barrier of protection, so you can enjoy your home all year long.

Our Pest Control Guarantee

A+ Termite & Pest Control Guarantee is That

  • Our Pest Control Team Will Do What We Say
  • Our Extermination Treatments Will Be Effective
  • You Will Love Interacting With Our Pest Experts!

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Pest Control FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we get about our pest control services.

Are your pest control services safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely, when performed by experts such as A+, pest control services can be pet and family-friendly. Through the utilization of eco-conscious treatments and effective communication, we ensure a safe and healthful atmosphere for all. Our dedication to your family's well-being and environmental preservation is a cornerstone of our values.

Why is pest control important?

The significance of pest control lies in its ability to prevent property damage, the spread of diseases, and the inconvenience posed by pests. Successful pest control measures contribute to maintaining a property's safety, well-being, and overall comfortability.

How often should pest control services be performed?

The regularity of pest control services is determined by various elements, such as the pest variety, the extent of the infestations, and the property's location. Maintaining a consistent schedule for pest control services is essential to preemptively address and effectively handle pest issues. Give us a call and we can help you find a frequency that is best for your situation.

How can I prevent pests from entering my property?

To avert pests from infiltrating a property, maintaining cleanliness and decluttering, sealing gaps and cracks, utilizing airtight containers for food storage, and trimming vegetation away from the structure are essential measures.

How much does it cost for a pest control service?

The expense of pest control services fluctuates based on factors such as the type of pest being addressed, the intensity of the infestation, and the property's size. If you're interested in learning about the cost for managing your particular circumstance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're more than happy to provide you with a price estimate over the phone.

What if I still see pests after the pest control service?

If pests persist even after the completion of pest control services, get in touch with your pest control service provider to arrange a follow-up appointment. Additional treatments might be necessary to completely eradicate the pest issue.

How long does it take for pest control services to work?

The duration for pest control services to take effect varies based on factors like the pest type, infestation severity, and chosen methods. Typically, a decrease in pest activity should become noticeable within a span of a few days to a week.

Can I perform pest control services myself?

Although DIY pest control products are accessible, it's generally advisable to enlist the services of a professional pest control provider for the sake of efficient and safe pest control applications.

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Our Team Of Pest Control Expert Have You Covered

A Proven Effective 3 Step Pest Control Process

You will notice our unwavering commitment to managing your pest issues. We've crafted a reliable method to consistently provide exceptional pest control for your Mooresville home. The key to our success is surprisingly straightforward. We consistently follow the same plan: first, we thoroughly inspect, then we strategize, and finally, we perform the pest control service.

Pest Control Inspection Mooresville NC

1. Pest Inspection

Our expert technicians conduct a
Our skilled pest inspectors perform a comprehensive examination for pest issues, identifying both infestations and possible entryways. This in-depth analysis guarantees a precise comprehension of the distinct pest-related issues your Mooresville property faces.

Pest Control Strategy Mooresville NC

2. Pest Control Strategy

Drawing upon the results of the inspection, we create a personalized strategy for pest management, employing environmentally friendly treatments and precise tactics. This individualized method ensures the provision of efficient and enduring pest control solutions.

Pest Control Services Mooresville NC

3. Pest Control Service

Our team proficiently carries out the needed pest control service, following the plan closely. By combining expertise with state-of-the-art methods, we successfully eradicate pests and fortify your home, ensuring a secure and pleasant setting.

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Mooresville Termite Control

Termite Control Mooresville NC

A Full Service Termite Company In Mooresville, NC

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Termite Control Mooresville NC

Termite Control Mooresville NC

Mooresville Termites Are A Menace!

Termite Control Mooresville NC Near Me

Termites Eating Wood Is Good, Right?

Termites play a crucial role in the environment by aiding in the decomposition of fallen trees, and facilitating the recycling of nutrients back into the ground. However, when it comes to your property, termites are unable to distinguish it from the natural environment.

WRONG! Termites Will Eat Your Home

By opting for a thorough termite treatment, you can avoid becoming a part of the alarming statistics that reveal billions of dollars in termite damage annually to properties. At A+ Termite & Pest Control, we offer both traditional liquid treatments and bait stations to cater to your specific needs. Our preventative treatments are designed to ensure the safety of your home in Mooresville, NC, effectively protecting it from termite infestations.

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Our Termite Control Process

By Your Expert Termite Control Pros

Termite Control Near Me

Termite Identification

Before any termite control measures are completed, we must first identify if you are in fact dealing with termites, and if so, which type.

Termite Control Plan

Termite Control Plan

Once we confirm you are dealing with termites and the specific type of termites, we can then formulate a termite control plan of action.

Termite Treatment

Termite Control Treatment

Now we begin the appropriate termite control treatments. Our termite experts will ensure the termites are eliminated!

Ready To Start The Termite Control Process For Your Home?

Termite Control In Mooresville NC

We Protect Your Home From Termites

We Know Termites Best

Our primary goal is to protect residences in Mooresville, NC, from termite infestations. We prioritize the safeguarding of homeowners, new home buyers, and commercial properties against termite damage. With our team of highly trained termite evaluation experts, you can have full confidence in the effectiveness of our techniques. Termite control is a vital component of any comprehensive pest control program, and we recognize its significance in maintaining pest-free environments.

Homes In Mooresville Aren't The Same

Our termite control specialists understand that every home, building, and situation is distinct, and as a result, we recognize the absence of uniformity. That's why our team of termite control experts is committed to continuous training and equipping them with the most advanced techniques in new construction, structural integrity, and efficient termite control methods. We take pride in being able to offer you the most optimal solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Get Complete & Personalized Termite Control!

Our Effective Termite Treatments

Termite Control Mooresville

Family & Pet-Friendly Termite Treatments

Our termite treatments are done in such a way that keeps your family safe. When performing the actual termite control methods we do not over apply our products. You can rest assured that when we have finished our termite treatment that your family and pets will be able to re-enter the area shortly after.

Targeted Termite Treatment For Your Home

We know exactly what it takes to handle your termite infestation and provide you with the specific termite treatment needed to solve your issue. There is no one-size-fits all method to handing a termite control problem. Our team of termite control experts are highly skilled, understanding termites, their habits and how to stop them in their tracks!

Are You In Need Of A Termite Treatment?

Protecting Your Home From Termites

Termite Control in Mooresville NC

Termite Control Protects Your New Investment!

A+ Termite Control was created and designed to protect homes in Mooresville from the threat of termites. A tremendous amount of peace that comes once you know that your home is protected against termites. Homeowners, new home buyers, and commercial property managers love our termite control services and how we protect their locations from structural damage caused by termites.

Start With A Termite Control Inspection!

Experts In Termite Control

Our Detailed Termite Control Evaluations

Our termite control professionals will provide you with a termite evaluation that will inform you of any termite infestations that might be affecting your Mooresville home. Our termite control experts will inspect the exterior, interior, attic, and crawl space for termites and other wood-destroying organisms. After our Termite team has finished the evaluation, they will get you a full report showing any termite activity or damage. Our termite report will also outline any needed treatments, along with a quote for those termite treatments.

Targeted Termite Control Treatments

Our termite treatments are guaranteed to solve your termite issues, and our treatments for subterranean termites are guaranteed to control for up to 2 years! When treatments are done correctly, and inspections are performed every 2-5 years, large repair bills can be avoided. When dealing with termites, being proactive is the key.

Termite Control For Real Estate Transactions

Are you a realtor in need of a termite control company that you can trust? A+ Termite Control provides

  • Termite Experts Who Show Up On Time!
  • Accurate And Complete Termite Control Reports
  • Effective Termite Control Treatments In A Timely Manner​
Termite Control Protects Mooresville NC

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Let Us Handle The Termites


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Mooresville Termite Control Services

We Are A Full Services Termite Control Company

A+ Termite Control is a full termite control company that can meet our Mooresville consumers' needs, like homeowners, realtors, new home builders, and more.

Termite Control Services We Offer

  • Termite Control For Real Estate Transactions
  • Realtor Termite Clearance Letters​
  • Subterranean Termite Control
  • Drywood Termite Control
  • Dampwood Termite Control

Need Help With Termite Control?

Mooresville Termite Inspections

termite inspections mooresville nc

Complete Termite Inspections In Mooresville, NC

Call and Schedule Your Termite Inspection Today!

Termite Inspection Mooresville NC

termite inspection mooresville nc

A Termite Inspection Will Protect Your Investment!

Termite Inspection Mooresville NC Near Me

Protect Your Home With A Termite Inspection

Mooresville Termite Inspections by A+ Termite & Pest are a must if you want to keep your home protected from termites, as well as ensure your potential future real estate investments are not compromised.

A Termite Inspection Will Save You Money!

Termites fulfill their destiny by repurposing dead wood into fertile soil for future growth, however, your home is not something you want turned into plant food. A proper termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repair work when termites are detected, and termite control is performed early. A termite inspection can also save you money on your next purchase, or even help you stay away from a bad investment where termites have wreaked havoc, saving you what would have been a huge headache down the road!

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Termite Inspections We Offer

By Professional Termite Inpsectors

Real Estate Termite Inspections

Real Estate Termite Inspections

Prior to buying a house, it is important to undergo a real estate inspection. The potential consequences of lacking a clear understanding of your property's condition are simply not worth taking. You can rely on our expertise and trust us to provide a complete termite inspection.

Routine Termite Inspections

Routine Termite Inspections

Conducting a termite inspection every 2-5 years is an affordable form of insurance. By regularly inspecting for termites, you can ensure the long-lasting structural soundness of your home. It's a wise investment that guarantees the integrity of your home throughout its lifetime!

Pre-Construction Termite Inspections

Pre Construction Termite Inspections

By conducting a termite inspection and treatment prior to construction, you can instill a sense of confidence in the protection of your newly built Mooresville home against termite infestations.

Which Type Of Termite Inspection Are You Looking For?

Termite Inspections Mooresville

Our Termite Inspections Are Thorough

Termites Can Be Hard To Detect

Many termite infestations go unseen and unresolved for years, allowing them to eat away at a home unbothered by anyone. To the untrained eye, the first sign a homeowner may see of a termite issue are when termite swarmers start flying around inside the home. At first glance these termites might be mistaken for flying ants, however, ants have segmented bodies and termites do not. Regardless, if you do see what might look like flying ants, it might be time to call a termite exterminator.  

Other Signs It Might Be Time For A Termite Inspection

  • mud tubes along the foundation of your home
  • pinholes with piles of debris coming out of them
  • piles of small wings​

Do You Suspect You Might Need Some Termite Control Services?

Our Termite Inspection Includes:

Termite Inspector mooresville nc

Subterranean Termites Inspections

The majority of termite damage in our area can be attributed to these particular termites. Originating from beneath the ground, they make their way into the rest of the house through the foundation. Identifying them is relatively straightforward through their distinctive mud tubes. However, it requires a trained eye and a thorough inspection of the entire sub-area of a home.

Drywood Termites Termite Inspections

These termites are referred to as drywood termites, distinguishing them from subterranean termites that rely on moisture from the soil. Drywood termites can be easily recognized by their characteristic fecal pellets. When examined under a microscope, these droppings resemble miniature footballs with laces.

Looking For A Termite Inspection Near Me?

Why Are Termite Inspections Important When Purchasing A Home?

real estate termite inspector mooresville nc

Termite Inspections Protect Your Investment

A+ Termite inspection services protect you from purchasing a damaged home in Mooresville. Termites and termite damage can remain hidden. A termite inspector partners with you to ensure there are no hidden surprises that will end up costing you thousands down the road. Homeowners, new home buyers, and commercial property managers love how our termite inspection services protect their investments, homes, and businesses from damage caused by termites.

Get Your Termite Inspection Today!

Let Us Handle The Termites


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Mooresville Termite Inspection Reporting

Our Termite Inspection Reports Give You The Facts!

Our Termite inspectors will give you a comprehensive termite inspection report that will outline all the details about your homes condition.

A Termite Report Comes With All Our

  • Termite Inspections
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Termite Inspection Clearance Letters
  • Limited Subterranean Termite Inspections
  • Limited Dampwood Termite Inspections
  • Limited Drywood Termite Inspections

Ready For. A Termite Inspection?

Looking For Pest Control Near Me?

Pest Control in Mooresville, NC

Our service area encompasses the cities of Troutman, Davidson, and Cornelius. If you are in need of pest control services, give us a call!